How Long To Wait After Re-Gripping Golf Clubs

It is common for a golfer to feel that the grip of their clubs at times get worn out or slippery during a swing.

This can be a dangerous situation, and also uncomfortable and detrimental to your swing. It is hence essential to re-grip your club from time to time to ensure you enjoy the experience and hit more consistent shots.

How Long To Wait After Re-Gripping Golf Clubs

With golf, there are a lot of things you should think about including your swing, how to properly manage your rounds, and how to take advantage of modern technology such as GPS and lasers (check out Glfstead for recommendations) to get precise course data.

However, there is always a question in every golfer’s mind: how long to wait after re-gripping your golf clubs? There several theories and suggestions from different sources on how long to wait after re-gripping your golf clubs.

How Long Does It Take?

There are several ways to determine how long to wait after re-gripping your golf clubs.

For starters, you may decide to re-grip your clubs yourself since its not that complex to do so.

If you choose to do it yourself, then follow the instructions on the wrap of the purchased grip. Mostly, they recommend an overnight leave before using. This may not be very definitive in terms of time, but you can consider this approximately 8-12 hours.

Alternatively, you may get your clubs gripped by a professional. They will simply take your clubs and give them back in a day or two after they have performed the gripping.

Note that having them installed by a professional can cost you double or more when you take into account the grip and the appropriate service fee.

How To Re-Grip

For a visual on how to regrip your clubs, check out this video:

Adhesive melts on the inside surface of the grip; this lead to it joining the tape which it is wrapped on.

It then dissolves leading to some slipperiness after the solvent hits it. Consequently, it allows a force to be applied to the grip over the shaft as you wiggle it into alignment.

Line up the little mark on the base of the grip together with the top, and you are good to go. Let it dry overnight.

Ensure that you consult a specialist on how long to wait after re-gripping your golf club. This is to ensure that you do not end up spoiling clubs as you try the re-gripping.

However, if you carefully read the instructions provided with your grips, then I do not see the reason why you should spend extra on something that you can do yourself.

Good luck!


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